Francisco Corbett is a painter, performance artist and director of an art label titled
in which he produces large scale runway shows, concept shows, and art galleries.
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The Death Of George Floyd Print

Francisco Corbett

CA$ 200.00 CAD

"The Death Of George Floyd" was a piece I made in a 3 part series made with only black ink. I was throwing the black ink all over the canvas and when I was done I stepped back and looked at it. It looked like the tragic, iconic, photo of George Floyd. I was later asked in an interview if it was made with any political intention. I am driven by human connection and emotion, I am interested in how people feel when they see things not the politics behind it. But to say you aren't political is to say you aren't a person of our society, which is impossible. "The Death Of George Floyd" has now been made into a LIMITED release of signed framed prints. This painting is part of Series One with one new print a week for 15 weeks.